Cremation in Compton

Compton Cremation

You should contact a local cremation service near Compton whether you need a simple cremation or want to plan an extensive cremation ceremony and service. The right cremation company can be more beneficial when you are making cremation arrangements versus trying to plan cremation in Compton independently. The most cost-effective cremation company is a local cremation service that will help you plan for your individual needs.

The Private Cremation Process

Direct cremation services are pretty standard throughout the cremation industry. Many cremation companies follow the same process for cremation services. While the specifics of the service may vary slightly, you can easily review the steps with the company that provides local cremation near you.

First: Transfer the Decease

When permission is given to the mortuary, the cremation process begins. They will arrange for the transportation of the body of the deceased. The body will be moved from the place of death to the mortuary.

Second: Make Positive Identification

A family member may be asked to make a positive identification of the deceased at the mortuary. This is primarily needed if a family member was not present at the deceased’s time of passing. The cremation company may skip this step if a family member was present at the time of death.

Positive identification takes place at the mortuary if needed. It takes place in a private area at the funeral home or chapel.

Third: Transfer to the Local Crematory

The cremation permit and medical death certificate will be applied for after the positive identification is made After the permit and certificate have been issued, the body of the deceased will be sent from to the local crematorium from the mortuary in Compton.

Fourth: Personal Identification Disc Placement

At the crematory, a personal identification disc will accompany the body of the deceased for the remainder of the cremation process. This metal tag will allow for the identification of the deceased for the duration of the cremation and final transportation services.

Fifth: Private Cremation

Highly trained individuals will complete the private cremation service in Compton at the crematorium. The local crematory will only perform private cremations. Multiple cremations will never take place at the same time in the same cremation chamber.

Sixth: Return Remains to Mortuary

The remains and identification disc will be collected and transferred from the crematory back to the mortuary following complete cremation. There are a few cases where the remains would not be returned to the mortuary, but this only happens if advance arrangements have been made.

Seventh: Release Cremated Remains

Cremated remains are released to the next of kin or other approved appointed person. A final disposition permit may be needed when the remains are sent for a graveside burial, mausoleum internment, or other means of final disposition are arranged. A transfer of custody must be completed if someone chooses to keep the remains in a cremation urn.

Eighth: Methods of Final Disposition or Memorialization

The mortuary will help arrange final disposition for people who choose to have the remains buried in a grave or placed in a mausoleum.

Families may choose another final disposition or memorialization option. These options include scattering the remains, dividing and distributing the remains in multiple cremation urns, or placing a small amount of the ashes in a personal keepsake.

Purchase a Package for Compton Cremation Service

A cheap cremation can be achieved if you choose to have only a simple cremation. You should also know about various low-cost cremation packages offered by your cremation company. These packages offer lower pricing for affordable cremation services that are accompanied by some type of memorial ceremony.

Commonly selected memorial ceremonies to include a visitation service with viewing hours, a memorial service at the funeral home chapel, a graveside or mausoleum service at the time of internment, or ash scattering service.

Cremation pricing can increase if you choose additional services or goods. For example, you may pay for a clergy member or speaker to talk at the services. You may also want some printed materials like a guestbook or prayer cards. Cremation urns and special keepsakes will also increase the cremation cost.

If available, you should try pre-planning your cremation with your cremation service provider. By pre-planning your own cremation you can get a lower price. This is because you prepay for services that will be used in the future.

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Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary offers quality services at affordable prices that honor timeless cremation traditions. A representative will help with each step of the cremation planning process. There isn’t a more experienced cremation company that has as much dedication to serving your family.