Cremation in Gardena

Gardena Cremation

Have you thought about making final arrangements following the death of your loved one? You should consider local cremation services near Gardena for final arrangements. Cremation services are similar to funeral services. The biggest difference between the two is that for a funeral the deceased will be buried or placed in a mausoleum. Cremation allows families to select an alternate form of disposition in addition to burial.

Full ceremonies are available before and after cremation services. If preferred, a simple cremation without any other services may be chosen. Contact a local cremation service for assistance if you need help making decisions or if you want to make cremation arrangements.

Choose Cremation for Cost Savings

A family may choose cremation over traditional funeral services because it isn’t as costly to have cremation services. You may also save money when you choose services that are packaged together or you pre-plan your cremation services.

Cost Difference

Affordable cremation services cost less than a traditional funeral with burial. When you need low-cost cremation talk to the cremation company so that you know the specific cremation services that are needed and which ones that you can pass on. If the company offers them, you should choose a cremation package that has been put together by the cremation service provider.

Package Services

A variety of cheap cremation packages are usually offered by cremation companies to meet the needs of their clients. Most packages include direct cremation services. Cremations will take place at the local crematorium. Other parts of the service, like the ceremonies, take place at the mortuary. Services that include ceremonies are available in addition to simple cremation service in Gardena.

Specific services may have been requested by the deceased. If the deceased did not make any of their final wishes known the family may choose to have remembrance services to honor their loved one. Cremation service providers offer packages that include their most commonly required services. This includes:

  • Cremation & memorial service
  • Visitation & cremation
  • Visitation, cremation, and a memorial service

Pre-Planning Your Private Cremation

Pre-planning or pre-paying for the cremation services before they are ever needed is one way to save money on private cremation. If you want to pre-plan your cremation then you should work with your local cremation service provider to make arrangements.

The Complete Cremation Process

It is a good idea to understand how a complete cremation works if you are planning a local cremation near you. The cremation service provider will help you understand the process, but what follows is a quick summary.

First, the cremation service provider will transfer the body of the deceased from the place of death to the mortuary. Then, a family member may be asked to provide positive identification of the deceased at the mortuary. This is usually done when a family member doesn’t witness the passing of the loved one.

After that, the permits needed for cremation and the death certificate will be obtained. The deceased will then be sent to the Gardena crematory. Once the body arrives at the crematory, a personal identification disc will be assigned. It is there to help with identification throughout the entire cremation process.

Once the cremation is complete the mortuary will have the remains transferred from the local crematorium so that final disposition can take place. This is also the time to have a memorial service or other committal services.

If the remains are going to be kept by a family member then a permit will be required and paperwork will be done to transfer the remains to that person. The mortuary will help with dividing the remains, ash scattering services, cremation urn selection, and a variety of other memorialization methods.

When the remains are kept a permanent cremation urn should be purchased. Urns are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. You may also choose to have a keepsake made with a small portion of the deceased’s remains. This keepsake may be a keychain, pendant, or piece of jewelry.

How to Find a Cremation Provider

You will want to choose a cremation company that is local when you are looking for a cremation provider in Gardena. A local cremation company near you will reduce potential transportation costs. Make sure that the selected cremation service provider has experience with planning cremation services and carrying out the cremation. Find a cremation company that offers both good service and low-cost options.

Why Pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Gardena Cremation Services

Douglas & Dunaway Mortuary is the best cremation provider for Gardena cremation services because they have over eighty years of experience. They perform traditional funerals and cremation in Gardena and the surrounding community. Their highly trained staff is professional and caring.

They are able to assist you with planning a traditional cremation, ceremonies, and cremation urn selection. Douglas & Dunaway Mortuary will carefully walk you through cremation pricing so that you can plan services that meet your unique needs.