Cremation in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Cremation

Local cremation services near Hawthorne are available at a more affordable price than having a traditional funeral service followed by burial. If you aren’t sure what to do for the final arrangements of a loved one then you should look into a Hawthorne cremation. The cremation service provider can help you to understand the simple cremation process as well as what to expect for cremation expenses.

Simple Cremation Process

If you are thinking about direct cremation services it may be helpful to understand the cremation process. Cremation services start when the mortuary receives a call that someone has passed away. The mortuary will arrange transportation for the body of the deceased to be moved from the place of death to the mortuary.

Once at the mortuary the staff may request that a family member make a positive identification of the deceased. This primarily happens if a family member was not with the deceased at the time of their death.

The mortuary will continue cremation procedures following the positive identification. They will transfer the deceased to the crematorium for cremation services. Once at the crematorium in Hawthorne a personal identification disc will be placed with the body. This allows for identification of the deceased throughout the entire process, start to finish.

When the cremation has finished, the staff will collect the remains of the deceased and the personal identification disc and transfer them from the crematory to the mortuary. At the mortuary, the remains will be prepared for their final disposition.

There are many ways to arrange the disposition of the remains. This includes burial at a gravesite, internment at a mausoleum, scattering the remains, dividing the remains into multiple cremation urns, or creating a keepsake with a small portion of the remains. Once the mortuary knows what the final arrangements are for the remains they can assist with the final services or transferring of the remains.

Do Cheap Cremation Options Exist

Low-cost cremation options are available through select cremation companies. Cremation pricing is available in one of two ways. You could choose services individually, but that would make your overall costs higher. Your cremation company offers affordable cremation service options through packages and prepaid cremations.

Cremation packages are created to include simple cremation along with other commonly chosen services. Services that you may want in a package with cremation include:

  • Viewing and visitations service
  • Memorial service
  • Ash scattering service

These services include the use of the funeral home chapel or gathering space as well as the necessary staff and equipment needed for the services to take place. There may still be additional services that you want to add to one or more of these packages.

Additional merchandise that you may want to add on separate from your package includes things like:

  • Clergy or speaker
  • Musicians
  • Prayer cards
  • Death certificate copies
  • Witnessing at the cremation chamber
  • Additional visitation hours
  • Cremation urns
  • Memorialization keepsakes

If you are not planning a cremation following the death of a loved one, but are looking into setting your own final wishes then pre-planning your cremation is another way to save on the cost of cremation services.

When you pre-plan your cremation services the price of cremation services will be lower. This is because prepaying for the cremation will help you to avoid inflation costs over the years.

Pre-planning will also help your family to know what your final wishes are. This will relieve them from making cremation decisions when they are grieving. You will work with the cremation service provider and make all of the decisions at the time of planning. To plan and pay for this you should find a cremation provider that you trust.

Choosing a Cremation Provider

When you are making cremation arrangements for traditional cremation the first thing that you should look for is a local cremation provider. When you choose a local company that provides cremation in Hawthorne, you are more likely to get quality services at a more affordable rate.

You will also want to check with the mortuary that their local crematorium performs only private cremation services. This ensures that the crematorium performs only one cremation per chamber at a time. The Hawthorne crematory should be licensed as inspected as required by the state. Knowing about these policies will help you rest assured that you are getting individualized services.

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