Cremation in Hollyglen

Hollyglen Cremation

Whether you are looking for a simple cremation or need to plan an extensive cremation service, you should contact a local cremation service near Hollyglen. When you work with the right cremation company it can be easier when you are making cremation arrangements than when you try to plan things on your own. A local cremation service can be cost-effective all while meeting your individual needs.

Private Cremation Process

The process for direct cremation services is pretty standard from company to company. Most cremation companies will follow the process that follows for cremation services. You can easily check with the company that provides local cremation near you.

Step 1: Transfer the Decease

Permission must be given to the mortuary for the cremation process to begin. Once they have permission, they will arrange for the transportation of the deceased from the place of their death to the mortuary.

Step 2: Make Positive Identification

Once at the mortuary, a family member may be asked to make a positive identification of the deceased. This is usually only needed if requested or if a family member was not present at the deceased’s time of death. This step can be skipped if a family member was present.

To make a positive identification the deceased’s body will be made available for viewing on a cot. They will be covered with a sheet and presented to the family member in a private room or chapel in the mortuary.

Step 3: Transfer to the Local Crematory

A permit for cremation will be obtained and so will a medical death certificate. Once issued, the body of the deceased will be transferred from the mortuary to the local crematorium.

Step 4: Personal Identification Disc Placement

Once at the Hollyglen crematory, a staff member will place a personal identification disc with the body of the deceased. This disc will ensure that the deceased’s remains are identifiable during the entire cremation process. The disc will be returned to the family in the same cremation urn that holds the remains.

Step 5: Private Cremation

Cremation service in Hollyglen is performed by highly trained individuals. There are only private cremations. Multiple cremations will never take place in the same cremation chamber at the same time.

Step 6: Return Remains to Mortuary

When the cremation is complete the remains will be collected and transferred from the crematory back to the mortuary. The remains would not be returned to the mortuary only if you made other arrangements ahead of the start of the cremation services.

Step 7: Release Cremated Remains

The mortuary will release the cremated remains to an approved appointed person, like the next of kin. A permit must be obtained if the remains are to be kept for personal display at a home and a transfer of custody must be done.

Step 8: Methods of Final Disposition or Memorialization

If the remains are not released to an appointed person, they can be held for specific methods of final disposition. The mortuary will hold onto the remains if they are to be buried in a gravesite or placed in a mausoleum niche.

Other final disposition or memorialization options include scattering the remains, dividing and distributing the ashes amongst multiple people, or placing a small portion of the remains in a personal keepsake.

This process may vary slightly depending on any other services or packages that you have planned.

Choose a Package for Hollyglen Cremation Service

If you want a cheap cremation, you can stick with only the simple cremation; however, there are low-cost cremation packages that include services in addition to the simple cremation. Cremation pricing is lowered when you choose a package that contains affordable cremation services.

Services that you may choose from include visitation and viewing service, memorial service, ash scattering service, and more. Hollyglen cremation expenses can increase if you choose to add other things like a clergy member to speak at the services, musicians, or printed materials like prayer cards. Purchasing cremation urns and special keepsakes will also increase the total price of cremation. Check with your cremation provider for available options.

In addition to choosing a package to lower the cost of cremation, you should try pre-planning your cremation with your cremation service provider if at all possible. When you pre-plan your own cremation you are able to get an affordable price because you are prepaying for services that won’t be used immediately.

Hire Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Cremation in Hollyglen

The leading provider for Hollyglen cremation services is Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary. They have been providing traditional cremation services to the Hollyglen community for over eighty years. Their staff is highly trained and will compassionately help with your cremation planning needs.

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary is proud to offer quality services at affordable prices. They will assist you through every step of the cremation planning process. You won’t find a more experienced cremation company with as much dedication to family and a desire to serve your family.