Cremation in Lawndale

Lawndale Cremation

There are many benefits to choosing a local cremation service near Lawndale. You can get faster help with planning your cremation services when you choose a local cremation near you. In addition to fast service, you can meet with the cremation service provider in person.

The following guide tells you everything you need to know about Lawndale cremation services. This includes how to plan an affordable cremation, the cremation services process, and how to find a local cremation provider near you.

Expectations for Lawndale Cremation Service

When you are making cremation arrangements there are specific expectations that cremation companies should meet. Ask your potential cremation provider about low-cost cremation services. Also, have them tell you about the cremation process from start to finish.

Find Affordable Cremation Services

It can be expensive to make final arrangements for a loved one. The cremation service provider in Lawndale can help you ease any financial burden by offering low cremation pricing. One of the things that will help make cheap cremation services possible is to get a cremation package. Another way to get affordable cremation services is by pre-planning your cremation.

When you pre-plan your cremation services you will start by working with a cremation company to make your final wishes. You will be able to lock in the price of cremation services now for a cremation that will take place in the future. If you need immediate cremation services, there are still low-cost cremation options.

If you choose to have a simple cremation your costs would be lower than a funeral with burial or having any extra memorial services. Cremation companies offer packages and add-on services to the simple cremation if you have your heart set on more than just cremation itself. Cremation companies will usually offer packages that have commonly requested services at discounted prices. Packages may include:

  • Viewing service with simple cremation
  • Simple cremation followed by a memorial service
  • Viewing service with simple cremation followed by a memorial service

Other packages and items may be offered by your cremation service provider. They will be able to provide you with a list of these services and items upon request.

Know What the Process is for Cremation Services

It may be helpful to understand the process of cremation in order to carefully plan for any services that you want to take place. The following process is how a traditional cremation happens.

  1. Transportation
  2. Identification of the deceased
  3. Crematory transfer
  4. Personal identification disc
  5. Private cremation
  6. Release of remains
  7. Final disposition

The first thing that will happen is that the mortuary will transport the deceased to their care from the place of death. If a family member wasn’t with the deceased at the time of death a positive identification of the deceased will be requested. This takes place at the mortuary.

Once the positive identification has been made, a cremation permit and certificate of death will be obtained. The body of the deceased will then be sent to the Lawndale crematory. A personal identification disc will be assigned to the body of the deceased for the entire direct cremation services. This will ensure that the remains are always identifiable.

When it is time for the cremation to take place the body of the deceased will be placed in the cremation chamber. There will only be one cremation at a time in the cremation chamber. Multiple cremations will never take place at the same time in the same chamber. Once complete, the remains will be sent back to the Lawndale cremation mortuary from the crematory.

Finally, the mortuary can transfer the remains to the family if they are going to be kept at a personal residence or scattered. The mortuary may hold onto the remains if they are to be placed in a mausoleum, entombed in a columbarium, or buried at a gravesite.

If the remains are not to be buried or entombed, the family may choose a cremation urn for the safekeeping of the remains. Other means of memorialization or disposition can include dividing and distributing the remains amongst more than one family member or creating a keepsake that encapsulates a small portion of the remains.

How to Choose a Cremation Company

You should look for a local cremation service near you. A local cremation company will provide more personalized attention, faster service, and reduce costly transportation expenses. Look for a company that has experience with serving the local community.

Why Select Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary

For cremation in Lawndale, look no further than Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary. They have provided over eight decades of Lawndale cremation services to the local community. Staff members are caring, knowledgable, and caring.

Cremation services that you need can be planned with ease. Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary offers the best services for affordable prices. They are proud to offer traditional cremation services and are dedicated to honoring the life of your loved one.