Cremation in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Cremation

Affordable cremation service is available if you need to make cremation arrangements in Manhattan Beach. The first thing that you need to do to arrange cremation services is to talk to a Manhattan Beach cremation service provider. They can walk you through the steps for traditional cremation services and let you know about possible cheap cremation options.

How to Pick a Local Cremation Service Near Manhattan Beach

There are a few things that you should look for when choosing a cremation service in Manhattan Beach. The first thing that you should see is whether or not the crematory that is used will provide a private cremation. Choose a company that completes direct cremation service where there is a one on one ratio for the cremation chamber.

Check to see how long the cremation company has been in business so that you can select an experienced and local cremation service provider. Additionally, you will want to know what steps are taken at the Manhattan Beach crematory for the cremation to take place.

Steps for Traditional Cremation Services

Many cremation companies follow the same steps for a simple cremation. The first thing that the cremation service provider will do is to arrange the transportation of the deceased’s body from their place of death to the mortuary.

From there, the family of the deceased may be asked to positively identify the deceased. This is usually not required by the cremation provider if a family member was present at the deceased’s time of passing.

After positive identification has been made, the deceased will be transferred to the local crematorium. At this time the Manhattan Beach cremation company will pace a personal identification disc with the body so that it can be identified properly during each step of the cremation.

Following the individual cremation, the remains will be collected and returned from the crematory to the mortuary. The mortuary will assist with any final disposition requests and services once they have completed signed release forms.

Many people choose to hold a memorial service following cremation in Manhattan Beach. An alternative service is a graveside service if the remains are to be buried or a disposition service if the remains are to be placed in a niche in a mausoleum.

There are other methods of final memorialization if the family chooses not to bury the remains or place them in a mausoleum. Options include scattering the ashes, placing them in an urn that is kept by one family member, dividing and distributing the remains, or keepsake creation.

If you choose to keep the remains in a cremation urn, you will want to work with the Manhattan Beach cremation company so that you can select a cremation urn that best fits your needs. Other memorialization methods include placing a small amount of the remains in a keepsake such as a keychain, pendant, or necklace.

Cremation Service Packages

Something that you should consider when planning local cremation near you is how to keep your costs down. It is possible to have low-cost cremation services. Cremation pricing will depend on the specific services that you choose to accompany the cremation. Oftentimes cremation companies will offer cremation service packages to help their clients achieve an affordable cremation solution.

Packages are put together with the services that are most commonly used by their clients. Examples of cremation service packages are:

  • Simple cremation
  • Viewing package followed by cremation
  • Cremation followed by a memorial service
  • The viewing, cremation, and memorial service

A viewing package allows the family to see the deceased prior to the cremation much like a body would be presented at a funeral. This package should cover the embalming process and can help you arrange a casket rental.

A memorial service included in a package usually takes place after the cremation is completed. This allows family and friends of the deceased to come together and celebrate the life of the deceased. This service usually takes place at the funeral home and will include the space rental, setup, equipment, and help of staff members.

Another thing that you can look into that would help decrease the cost of cremation is pre-planning your cremation. When you preplan your cremation services you will work with the cremation service provider and prepay for the services that you will need at a later date. It allows you to lock in pricing for specific services and helps your family to know what your final wishes are.

In order to select a package, you have to select a local cremation service provider near you. Do you know which company to pick?

Why Pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Cremation Services

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary has been serving the Manhattan Beach community for over eighty years. They offer professional cremation planning services. They are the premiere cremation provider and are honored to serve you.