Cremation in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Cremation

When you find yourself in need of making cremation arrangements you should contact a local cremation service near Marina Del Rey. A Marina Del Rey cremation service provider will be able to tell you about the cremation process. They can also help you understand cremation services and cremation pricing.

How the Cremation Process Works

It can feel like there are many steps in the cremation process; however, the steps for a simple cremation are not difficult to understand. When you begin planning the private cremation with the cremation provider they can help you to understand what happens in each step of the process.

Following a person’s death, the cremation company will arrange for the transportation of the deceased’s body to the mortuary. Once at the mortuary, a family member may be asked to make a positive identification of the deceased. This usually happens when a family member was not present at the time of death.

Once there has been a positive identification, the cremation service provider will transfer the body of the deceased to the Marina Del Rey crematory for direct cremation services. One of the first things that happen at the local crematorium is that a personal identification disc will be placed with the deceased. This is so that the remains of the deceased are able to be identified at all times.

The crematory in Marina Del Rey will then start the private cremation. This is important. It basically means that the body of the deceased will never be placed in a cremation chamber with any other remains.

After the cremation in Marina Del Rey is completed, the remains will be collected along with the personal identification disc. The remains will be transferred from the crematory to the mortuary. From there, the mortuary is able to assist with transferring the cremated remains to the place of final disposition if you choose to bury the remains in a gravesite or place them in a mausoleum.

If the cremated remains are not to be placed for final disposition, the mortuary is able to transfer the remains and release them to the family. The family may then request that there be a memorial service, have the remains divided and distributed in cremation urns, there be an ash scattering service, or a variety of other options for memorialization.

Cremation Service Packages

In addition to the cremation itself, cremation companies offer a variety of service packages that allow you to have a memorial service or viewing service if you want them. A viewing service takes place prior to the cremation service in Marina Del Rey whereas the memorial service usually takes place following the Marina Del Rey cremation.

If you are looking for a low-cost cremation then you should ask your cremation service provider about the different packages that they offer.

How to Plan an Affordable Cremation Service

Local cremation service providers offer a few different ways for you to plan a cheap cremation. Packages usually include everything needed for traditional cremation as well as one or more services that are meant to help you honor the life of the deceased.

Traditional Cremation Pricing and Packages

It is not required to add any additional services to a standard cremation service; however, many families choose to add a viewing service, memorial service, ash scattering service, or a combination of these services. Examples of cremation packages that are put together at discounted rates include:

  • Simple cremation – everything you need for a complete cremation
  • Simple cremation with viewing service – viewing service includes embalming and dressing for visitation services
  • Simple cremation with memorial service – memorial service includes chapel space, necessary equipment, and staff
  • Simple cremation with viewing service prior to cremation and memorial service following cremation
  • Simple cremation with ash scattering service – includes a small service where the ashes are to be scattered
  • Simple cremation with final disposition service at gravesite or mausoleum – includes a small service at the place of final disposition

Pre-Planning Your Cremation

In addition to saving money when planning a Marina Del Rey cremation by selecting a cremation service package, you can save money by pre-planning your cremation. When you pre-plan your cremation you are able to make arrangements for your final wishes. The cremation company will work with you on locking in cremation services at today’s rates, but for a cremation that won’t take place for a while.

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