Cremation in Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey Cremation

Making cremation arrangements for local cremation service near Playa Del Rey might seem overwhelming. Rest assured that you can plan an affordable cremation service with the help of an experienced cremation provider near you. The cremation company will offer you cremation packages, explain cremation pricing, and go over the steps for private cremation procedures.

How to Plan a Low-Cost Cremation Service

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you have the best-priced direct cremation services. Cremation companies offer cheap cremation packages that combine common services that accompany cremation along with the actual cremation procedure. They also offer the ability to pre-plan and pre-pay your cremation services.

Cheap Cremation Packages

When you speak with the local cremation provider near you, ask them about any cremation packages that they offer. These companies will usually offer Playa Del Rey cremation service along with other services like embalming, viewing services, memorial services, and ash scattering services to name a few.

When you are able to work with the Playa Del Rey cremation service provider to select a package you may be able to lower your cremation expenses. This is because when you package multiple services along with cremation the cremation company is able to give you a better price.

You may wish to have a simple cremation along with one or more of the following services:

  • Viewing services – the body of the deceased will be embalmed, dressed, and cosmetically presented in a casket for visitation of family and friends to pay respects prior to the cremation
  • Memorial services – the remains of the deceased will be set up for a service where friends and family of the deceased will have a remembrance ceremony and celebrate the life of the deceased.
  • Ash scattering service – a service set up at the location where the ashes are to be scattered by the family for the memorialization of the deceased
  • Graveside service – a type of memorial service that takes place at the graveside at the time of burial of the cremated remains
  • Internment service – a type of memorial service that takes place at the mausoleum or other place where the remains are to be entombed at the time of placement

One or more of these services can be combined alongside the local cremation service to help families mourn their loved ones and celebrate the life they lived.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation

Another way that a company that provides cremation in Playa Del Rey can help you save money on cremation services is to help you with pre-planning your cremation. When you pre-plan your cremation you are able to get cremation services at today’s pricing and lock in the rate by pre-paying for the services.

Traditional Cremation Service Procedures

For cremation service in Playa Del Rey, the first thing that happens is that the cremation company will arrange for transportation of the deceased to the mortuary. Before transferring the body of the deceased to the Playa Del Rey crematory, the cremation company may ask for the family to positively identify the deceased if no family member was present at the time of death.

Following positive identification, the mortuary with transferring the body to the local crematorium for standard cremation in Playa Del Rey. At the crematory, a personal identification disc will be placed with the body so that the remains can be identified throughout the cremation process.

Once the cremation service is completed, the remains will be collected along with the personal identification disc. The remains will be sent from the crematory to the mortuary where clients may choose to have final disposition services.

Final disposition services include services like the ones listed in the cremation packages listed above. They may also include dividing the remains and disbursing them in cremation urns to the family.

Families may also choose to have a special keepsake created with a small portion of the cremated remains. Usually, families choose to create jewelry, pendants, or keychains. Fingerprints of the decease that were collected prior to cremation may also be engraved on a variety of keepsake items.

How to Choose a Playa Del Rey Cremation Service Provider

When you are looking for a Playa Del Rey cremation service provider you will want to check a few things. First, make sure that the cremation is private and that the crematorium doesn’t complete multiple cremations in the same chamber at one time. Then, find a company that is local. Local cremation companies offer the best, most affordable service. Finally, choose a company with honored traditions and years of experience.

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When you are looking for a cremation service provider you should choose the area’s leading cremation company. Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary has been serving the Playa Del Rey community and surrounding area for more than eight decades.

The Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary staff is highly trained to help you through each step of the cremation planning process. They can help you select services, affordable options, and choose cremation urns or other keepsakes.