Cremation in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Cremation

Making cremation arrangements in Redondo Beach doesn’t have to break the bank. Affordable cremation services are available. To get the best cremation pricing you need to speak with a Redondo Beach cremation service provider. A representative can explain the steps that are taken for traditional cremation services. They will also let you know what the options are for cheap cremation planning.

How to Choose a Local Cremation Service Near Redondo Beach

When you are choosing a cremation service in Redondo Beach, there are a few things that you need to check. First, make sure that the crematory only allows private cremation, you do not want a crematory that allows multiple cremations in the same chamber at tone time.

You should also look for a cremation company that offers direct cremation services in a licensed and inspected crematory. Only highly trained individuals should perform cremation services in Redondo Beach.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is how long the cremation company has been in business. Try to choose a provider that has years of experience and is familiar with time-honored traditions. Experienced providers will be able to help you understand what steps are taken at the Redondo Beach crematory with kindness and compassion.

Steps for Traditional Cremation Services

Steps for a simple cremation are about the same across all cremation companies. The first thing the cremation service provider will do is get permission to begin the process. They will also arrange for transportation of the body of the deceased to the mortuary.

Then, it may be required for a family member to make a positive identification. This is usually only required if there was not a family member present at the deceased’s time of death.

Once positive identification is complete, the mortuary will transfer the deceased to the local crematorium. The Redondo Beach cremation company will assign a personal identification disc to the body of the deceased so that it can be properly and easily identified throughout cremation.

The remains will be processed, collected, and returned to the mortuary from the crematory following individual cremation. Final disposition requests and services will be carried out by the mortuary once release forms are signed.

It is common to hold a memorial service after cremation in Redondo Beach. Alternative services include graveside services, entombment services, and ash scattering services.

If services are not wanted then the mortuary will move forward with final memorialization if the family chooses one of these options. It includes placing the remains in a cremation urn, dividing and distributing the remains in multiple cremation urns, releasing the remains for ash scattering, and creating a keepsake.

The Redondo Beach cremation company can help you with choosing a cremation urn that fits your specific needs. They may also have a service where you place a small amount of the remains in a small container, like a necklace or pendant, to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Cremation Service Packages

When you are planning local cremation near you it is important to think about how to keep your costs down. It is not impossible to have low-cost cremation services. The specific services that you choose to have along with the simple cremation will impact the total cremation pricing. Many times cremation companies have set up cremation service packages to offer their clients an affordable cremation solution.

The most commonly used services are put into packages that offer discounted rates. Examples of cremation service packages include:

  • The viewing, cremation, and memorial service
  • Cremation followed by a memorial service
  • Viewing package followed by cremation
  • Cremation followed by graveside service
  • Simple cremation

Viewing packages allow the family to have a ceremony similar to what you would see at a funeral service. It should include embalming the body of the deceased. Ask your cremation provider about casket rental options for this package.

Memorial services usually take place following the cremation. Friends and family of the deceased will join together to remember the life of the deceased. This service will usually take place at the funeral home, but graveside services and entombment services can also be arranged.

If you are not making final arrangements, but are interested in preplanning your cremation start by talking with a cremation service provider. They can help you make decisions about your final wishes and when you prepay for cremation services you will get a lower price than paying at the time of death.

Do you know which cremation company to pick? Find a local cremation service provider near you for help planning cremation services.

Why Pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Cremation Services

The Redondo Beach community has been served by Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for over eighty years. Their highly trained staff is able to help with professional cremation planning services. They are the area’s leading cremation provider and are proud to serve you.