Cremation in Torrance

Torrance Cremation

In order to help plan a local cremation near you, there are a few things you should know. The first thing that you need to understand is how the cremation process works. From there you will need to choose any additional services to accompany the traditional cremation. Finally, learn about how to choose a leading cremation provider.

Steps in the Cremation Process You Should Know About

Direct cremation services may vary slightly from cremation company to cremation company. In general, most cremation services follow the cremation process below.

Transporting the Deceased

To begin the Torrance cremation, the mortuary must have permission from the family. Once permission is obtained, the mortuary will arrange transportation of the body of the deceased. They will be moved from their place of death to the mortuary for positive identification.

Making Positive Identification

Positive identification of the deceased may be requested if the deceased passed away and no family members were present. This may be skipped if a family member was present at the time of death.

Handing Over to the Crematory

After a positive identification has been made, the mortuary will transfer the body of the deceased to the local crematorium. The crematorium is where the cremation will take place.

Assign Personal Identification Disc

Before anything takes place at the crematorium in Torrance, a personal identification tag will be placed with the body of the deceased. This metal disc will accompany the body of the deceased so that the remains can always be identified.

Simple Cremation

Torrance cremation will take place in a cremation chamber. The body of the deceased will be the only body in the cremation chamber at that time. This prevents remains from mixing.

Cremated Remains Returned to Mortuary

The Torrance crematory will collect the remains when the cremation is complete. After that, the remains will be returned to the mortuary so that they can be released to the next of kin or be readied for final disposition.

Releasing Cremated Remains

The transfer of the remains of the deceased requires a permit for disposition as well as a transfer of custody form. Remains are released to the next of kin or another person as directed by the next of kin. If the remains are not to be released to a person, they can be held onto by the mortuary for memorialization or final disposition.

Memorialization and Final Disposition Methods

Services like viewing and visitation occur before cremation takes place. Once the cremation is finished the family may choose to have other types of services. This includes memorial services, graveside services, and ash scattering services.

If no services are needed the mortuary will proceed with any memorialization or final disposition directives. This may include burial at a gravesite, placement in a mausoleum, division and placement in cremation urns, or a variety of other final disposition methods.

Some families choose to create keepsakes with a small portion of the deceased’s ashes. Keepsakes that hold these ashes include jewelry like a necklace or pendant. Other keepsakes include keychains or other portable capsules.

There are a number of items that can be engraved with the deceased’s name and fingerprints, too. To learn more about keepsakes and cremation urns you should talk with your cremation services provider. They will be able to show you images of items that they have to offer.

Cremation Services that Accompany Private Cremation

There are several services that may accompany a cheap cremation. When you are making cremation arrangements, you will also need to acquire other affordable cremation services. Some cremation services that you may consider include:

  • Visitation and viewing services
  • Memorial services
  • Ash scattering service
  • Graveside service
  • Entombment service

One or more of these cremation services may be put together with the low-cost cremation to help you with planning a Torrance cremation service. You may choose to add other items and services to the Torrance cremation that are not included in a cremation package. These add-ons may include:

  • Clergy member to speak at the memorial service
  • Pamphlets with information about the deceased
  • Printed prayer cards that include a bible verse
  • Musicians to perform at the memorial service

How to Choose Your Cremation Service Provider

When you are making a selection for a cremation service provider there are a few things that you should look for.

  1. How much experience does the cremation company have?
  2. Do they value the honored traditions of generations before them?
  3. Are they local to the community?
  4. Do they offer pre-planning cremation services?

Answering these questions will help you to hire an outstanding company for cremation service in Torrance.

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