Cremation in Westmont

Westmont Cremation

It may feel overwhelming when you are making cremation arrangements for local cremation services near Westmont. However, you should know that affordable cremation services can be planned easily with the help of a cremation provider near you. A representative at the cremation company will help you go through the different cremation packages, cremation pricing, and steps of private cremation.

Plan a Low-Cost Cremation Service

To ensure that you have the best-priced direct cremation services there are a few things that you can do. Cheap cremation packages are offered by cremation companies. Packages are created that combine services that are often selected to go along with the actual cremation procedure at a reduced rate. Cremation companies also offer you the opportunity to pre-plan your cremation services.

Choose a Cheap Cremation Package

The local cremation provider near you can tell you about the various cremation packages that they offer. Westmont cremation services are the base of most packages. Additional services included in a package may include services like embalming with viewing services, memorial services, and graveside services to name a few.

The Westmont cremation service representative can help you select a package that may lower your cremation expenses. When you package multiple services along with cremation the cremation company is able to give you better cremation pricing.

Here are some of the services that you may want in addition to traditional cremation:

  • Prior to cremation viewing services – the body is embalmed, dressed, and nicely presented in a casket so that family and friends can visit and pay their respects
  • Post-cremation memorial services – the remains of the deceased will be placed in a cremation urn and displayed during a ceremony where friends and family can celebrate and remember the life of the deceased.
  • Ash scattering service following cremation – a service set up at the location where the ashes are to be scattered for memorialization
  • Graveside service following cremation – a memorial service that takes place at the graveside prior to burial of the cremated remains
  • Internment service following cremation – a memorial service that takes place at the final resting place where the remains are to be entombed

More than one of these services may be added to the local cremation service. These services are set up to help with the mourning and loss of a loved one.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation and Final Wishes

Companies that offer cremation in Westmont can also help you when you are pre-planning your cremation. You are able to get cremation services at today’s cremation rates by preplanning your cremation services. The cremation pricing will be locked in and you will ensure that your family knows your final wishes.

Traditional Cremation Service Steps

The first thing that occurs for cremation service in Westmont is that the cremation company will transport the deceased to the mortuary from their place of death. The cremation company may ask for a family member to positively identify the deceased if a family member wasn’t present at the time of passing. This happens before transferring the body of the deceased to the Westmont crematory.

After positive identification has been made, the mortuary staff will send the body of the deceased to the local crematorium. This is where standard cremation in Westmont will take place. At the crematory, a metal personal identification tag will be placed with the body so that for identification purposes.

The remains will be collected along with the personal identification disc and sent from the crematory to the mortuary. Arrangements for final disposition services will continue from there.

The final disposition includes services like those listed in the cremation packages above. It may also include dividing and disbursing the remains in multiple cremation urns that are returned to the family.

A special keepsake may also be created with a tiny portion of the remains. Keepsake options to choose from include jewelry, pendants, or keychains, to name a few. A representative with the cremation company can show you what they offer.

How to Select a Westmont Cremation Service Provider

To select a Westmont cremation service provider go into the meeting with a few expectations. First, double-check that the cremation is private and that multiple cremations don’t happen in the chamber at the same time at the crematorium. Next, choose a company that is locally owned and operated. A local cremation company can provide you with the most affordable cremation with the best customer service. Lastly, select the cremation company that has years of experience and time-honored traditions.

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