Cremation in Willowbrook

Willowbrook Cremation

If you need cremation services then look for a local cremation service near Willowbrook. Making cremation arrangements can be made easier when you work with a cremation company representative. They will help you understand how the traditional cremation process works. Then, work with the cremation company to plan an affordable cremation with memorial services. Finally, know how to select your cremation provider from the local cremation companies in Willowbrook.

How the Traditional Cremation Process Works

Make sure that your local cremation service offers private cremation when you choose a cremation service for your loved one. This basically means that the crematory used by the cremation company will only perform one cremation in a cremation chamber at that time. Multiple cremations in the same chamber at the same time should not be an option.

When the mortuary is contacted regarding the death of a person the direct cremation services will start. This includes arranging transportation of the body of the deceased from their place of death to the mortuary. At the mortuary, a family member may be required to make a positive identification of the deceased. This usually only happens if at least one family member was not with the deceased at the time of their passing.

After the positive identification is complete, a cremation permit and medical certificate of death will be obtained. Then, the deceased will be moved from the mortuary to the local crematorium. Once at the Willowbrook crematory, a personal identification disc will be placed with the body for identification purposes.

After the Willowbrook cremation service, the cremated remains and identification disc will be transferred to the mortuary so that final disposition can be completed. Final disposition is when the placement of the remains occurs. Families can choose from a variety of final disposition options including:

  • Gravesite burial
  • Mausoleum internment
  • Ash scattering
  • Dividing and disbursing the ashes in cremation urns
  • Placing a portion of the ashes in a personal keepsake

There are also other services that a family may want to incorporate in addition to the final disposition arrangements. For example, a memorial service may be held prior to final disposition once the cremation service in Willowbrook is complete.

How to Plan for Affordable Cremation Services

In order to select the best services for cheap cremation pricing, you need to work with the Willowbrook cremation service provider. Cremation companies will have a variety of low-cost cremation packages that will help you plan cremation services while keeping costs down. In addition to choosing a cremation package, you can pre-plan your cremation in Willowbrook to decrease final expenses, too.

Low-Cost Cremation Packages

You may want to combine other services with local cremation near you in order to pay respects to your loved one and honor the life that they lived. A simple cremation package will offer everything needed for a basic cremation. Other service packages will include the simple cremation along with other widely requested ceremonies.

Packages of the Willowbrook cremation services and ceremonies are put together to combine commonly used services with cremation at a lower rate than if everything was put together outside of the package pricing. Common packages include:

  • Viewing service prior to simple cremation
  • Simple cremation followed by a memorial service or graveside service
  • Viewing service followed by simple cremation and a memorial service
  • Simple cremation followed by an ash scattering service

If needed, you may choose to add other services to these packages. Examples include transportation outside of the mortuary’s zone or additional hours of viewing services. Merchandise options, like prayer cards, are available for ceremonies, too.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation and Final Wishes

There are other ways to plan a cremation service that can save you money. When you work with a representative prior to needing cremation services you can get lower pricing and prepay for services that you need. Pre-planning your cremation and making final arrangements will allow you to provide your family with your final wishes all while saving money.

How to Choose Your Willowbrook Cremation Provider

There are a few things that you should expect when you need to select a cremation provider near you. The first thing that you need to do is find and choose a local cremation company. Next, find a company that has years of experience providing cremation services. Finally, choose a cremation company that has packages for low-cost cremation.

Why Select Cremation at Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary is the premiere cremation company in Willowbrook. They have served the people of Willowbrook for over eighty years. They honor long-standing cremation traditions and have staff members that are compassionate.

A representative can recommend the best services for your needs with professionalism. Contact Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for affordable cremation services near Willowbrook. They will help you with the time-of cremation and pre-planning cremation services that you need.