Funeral Service in Carson

Carson Funeral Service

In the Carson area you are able to plan low-cost funeral with the help of a local funeral service provider near you. You can also get help making funeral arrangements, arrange for cremation services, or pre-plan your funeral. The best way to plan affordable funeral service is to work with a funeral company in Compton. A local company can help plan a cheap funeral.

How Much is a Funeral on Average

Total funeral expenses will depend on the exact services that you choose during the funeral planning consultation. You will have to make decisions about which funeral services you want, the casket you purchase, and burial service options. Each of these things will alter the total funeral cost.

For a funeral in Carson a local funeral service provider is the best place to start when you need to arrange funeral services. You can get a complete list of services offered by the local funeral home in Carson. A price sheet should also be available so that the funeral provider can review the funeral pricing with you.

A Carson funeral can typically be planned for between $11,000 and $15,000. The funeral cost will depend a lot on whether you choose to have a traditional funeral service or if you want limited funeral services only. The price will also change depending on what your casket cost is.

The casket prices start at $1,000 and go up from there. A lot will depend on what material you choose. The funeral home in Carson will be able to show you the caskets that they have to offer in their showroom.

Traditional Carson Funeral Services

There are many different services that funeral companies offer their clients. This helps them provide each and every one of their clients with a unique funeral that will meet their needs. All of the package options that are offered can be discussed with a representative from the funeral home in Carson. The most commonly chosen package is the traditional funeral service packae.

A package for traditional funeral services includes a viewing service, funeral ceremony, and burial services. These three components make up the traditional funeral services that you may be familiar with.

Viewing services are commonly held first. The local funeral service near carson will prepare the body of the deceased prior to viewing hours. During viewing services the family and friends of the deceased can visit with eachother while they pay their respects.

Services for viewing are typically set up at least one day prior to the funeral ceremony. Traditionally, they will be held for at least a few days so that any out of town family can make travel arrangements. These services are held at the Carson funeral home, local church, or family home.

After the viewing services the funeral ceremony will begin. A speaker or clergy member will give a sermon that honors the life of the deceased. They may also pray or read from the Bible. Funeral ceremonies can take place at the chapel in the funeral home, local church, or family home.

Following the funeral services, the people who have gathered for the funeral ceremony will proceed to the cemetery for a graveside service and final burial services. The Carson burial services will take place at the local cemetery.

Funeral Service Packages and Merchandise

If a less extensive funeral is wanted, there are ways to plan for limited services. One way to make limited plans it to hold all three components of the traditional funeral in Carson on the same day. Another way is to remove one or more of the components that is not wanted.

The local funeral service provider will usually offer packages with limited service options in addition to the traditional funeral service pacakge. You can choose to have a package with all three components of a Carson funeral, a pacakge with limmited services, or you can choose to itemize your service needs individually.

The funeral home representative can also go over the various funeral merchandise that they offer. Items that you may want to purchase in addition to funeral services are:

  • Printed materials
    • Prayer cards
    • Memorial cards
    • Guest book
  • Music
    • Instrumentalists
    • Singers
    • Musicians
  • Member of clergy
  • Transportation
    • Flower car to the cemetery
    • Limousine for the immediate family

The funeral home may also be able to order personal keepsakes, large memorial items, and additional copies of the medical certificate of death.

Use Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Carson

You should use Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for your funeral planning needs when you need a local funeral service near Carso. They are the leading local funeral provider and they have the ability to arrange funeral services, cremation services, and help you with pre-planning funeral needs. They are locally owned and operated and have served the community for over eighty years. Contact Douglass & Dunaway for your funeral service and cremation service needs.