Funeral Service in Gardena

Gardena Funeral Service

You can arrange a traditional funeral service with a compassionate and professional funeral provider. Making funeral arrangements doesn’t have to be difficult in your time of mourning. You can also talk to a local funeral home in Gardena about the affordable funerals service and cremation services that they provide. The local funeral home can help if you need to plan a local funeral service, are interested in preplanning your funeral, or are inquiring about the cost of funeral expenses.

Easily Plan a Local Funeral Service Near You in Gardena

There are a few services that you should know about when you are planning a Gardena funeral. These services can help you to make the funeral ceremony memorable and unique. A representative from the funeral home in Gardena can review their funeral service offerings and help you understand what their packages include.

Traditional Funeral Services with Burial

Many traditional services include three different services parts to comprise complete funeral services. The three parts are the viewing service, the funeral ceremony, and the burial service. Viewing is done prior to the funeral and can last for several days. The last day of viewing will include the funeral ceremony. After the funeral ceremony, the people who gathered will proceed to the cemetery for graveside services.

Limited Funeral Services with Burial

Shorter funeral services are available if needed. These services can be scheduled to take place on the same day. For example, families may choose not to have a funeral procession to the cemetery after the funeral. Other services requested by the funeral planner can be arranged with the funeral home representative. As many or as few services from the traditional funeral service can be arranged for a limited service.

Home and Church Funerals

Not all funeral services have to take place at the funeral home in Gardena. Some people choose to have viewing services at the funeral home then have the ceremony at a church. Other families choose to arrange a home funeral. A home funeral can be arranged so that the viewing and funeral ceremony takes place at the home of a relative of the deceased. Following a church service or at home funeral burial services would continue at the local cemetery.

Immediate Burial Options

If needed an expedited burial can be arranged. The length of time it takes for an immediate burial will depend on how long it takes to get the legal certificates and permits for the burial to take place. Ceremonies and graveside services can still be arranged if desired by the family.

Other Service Options

Other services that people choose to have are anniversary observances, remembrance services, and celebration of life services. Each of these options can be arranged by the local funeral home in Gardena. They would be in addition to funeral and burial services.

Funeral Merchandise for Purchase

The funeral home in Gardena can help you select funeral merchandise in addition to arranging the funeral services. You may want products at the funeral to be included like:

  • Prayer cards
  • Memorial cards
  • Guest book
  • Video services
  • Keepsakes

Your funeral service provider can provide you with a complete list of options.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

If possible, consider working with a funeral service provider near you for pre-planning your funeral. This will ensure that your family has your final wishes. It can also lower the cost of the funeral at the time of your death because services will have been prepaid.

How Much is a Funeral

The funeral company can help you arrange the local funeral service near Gardena. If needed they can help you plan a low-cost funeral. One way funeral companies have cheap funerals available is to offer clients a variety of packages. Choosing a funeral package will lower the overall funeral cost. Packages have been specifically put together to help clients save on funeral pricing.

A funeral in Gardena that includes a casket and burial service will cost a minimum of $11,000. The funeral company can itemize each service and product so that you can see what the Gardena funeral service will cost.

One way to lower the cost of the funeral is to limit how much is spent on the casket. A casket can be as little as $1,000 but goes up in price depending on the material of the casket. Another way to keep costs low is to choose a Gardena burial service that is local. This will ensure that there are no additional transportation fees incurred from the Gardena funeral home.

Why Choose Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Gardena

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary is the leading Gardena funeral company. Their compassionate staff will assist you with funeral service planning. They have served the Gardena community for over eighty years. Contact Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for all of your Gardena funeral service needs.