Funeral Service in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Funeral Service

Arrange funeral services, burial service, and cremation services with a funeral home in Hawthorne. Local funeral services near Hawthorne are able to offer compassionate and personalized funeral services. A funeral service provider can help if you are making funeral arrangements at the time of need and they can help if you are pre-planning your funeral services.

Standard Hawthorne Funeral Arrangements

Standard Hawthorne funerals have a viewing service, funeral ceremony, and burial service. These services are different in length and significance. If you want to honor your loved one with a traditional Hawthorne funeral, set up a consultation with your local funeral service provider.

Viewing Services

Local funeral services near you begin with a viewing service. The body of the deceased will be prepared for the service by embalming the body and arranging it in the casket. Most viewing services take place at least one day prior to the funeral services. It is recommended to hold a viewing service for multiple days to allow friends and families to travel to the funeral home in Hawthorne.

At the viewing services, the immediate family of the deceased will visit with friends and extended family of the deceased. Visitors stay for a short period of time, but the immediate family members usually stay for the duration of the scheduled time. Viewing services usually take place at the funeral home in Hawthorne.

Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony will take place following the final viewing service time. Traditionally, a speaker will talk about the life of the deceased during the funeral ceremony. They may also choose to say prayers, read bible verses, or play music.

The Hawthorne funeral home will close the casket and prepare it for transportation to the cemetery when the funeral ceremony has concluded. When ready, the casket containing the body of the deceased will be transported to the cemetery. People who gathered for the funeral ceremony will follow the vehicle containing the casket in a funeral procession from the funeral home to the cemetery.

Burial Services

The funeral procession will continue until everyone reaches the cemetery for Hawthorne burial services. At the graveside there will be a final service. This service is shorter in length than the funeral ceremony. It is sometimes referred to as a committal service.

The speaker who spoke at the funeral ceremony may speak again at the burial service. This service is meant to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place. More prayers and scripture readings may take place at the graveside. The funeral in Hawthorne will conclude when the final disposition takes place.

Your funeral company will be able to help you schedule each of these services and plan all of the details. Most funeral companies will offer a complete funeral arrangement package that includes all three of these services. They may also have packages that include less services if you do not plan to hold a standard funeral in Hawthorne. In addition to packages the funeral home will offer funeral merchandise, like prayer cards and memory cards.

Limited Hawthorne Funeral Arrangements

Funeral companies offer limited funeral arrangements if the standard three part funeral service isn’t needed. Limited funeral arrangements can last for a single day if requested. The funeral company will work with you to see exactly which services you need so they can plan accordingly.

Limited funeral services may be arranged to include as few services as you want. This means that you could potentially have just a simple graveside service if that fits your budget or your needs better.

How Much is a Funeral in Hawthorne

Funeral expenses can seem like a lot if you are not prepared for them. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to plan a low-cost funeral. In California, a cheap funeral costs around $11,000. Funeral pricing depends on different choices that you make during the planning process.

For example, the casket cost, types of funeral services, and burial plot will all have an effect on how much the total funeral will be.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral Services

When you choose to make your final wishes before the time of your death you are able to plan a more affordable funeral service. To do this all you have to do is work with a funeral provider and prepay for the services. Then, at the time of your passing, your family will have your final wishes and won’t have to worry about the funeral cost.

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