Funeral Service in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Funeral Service

Contact a local funeral service near Hermosa Beach if you need to arrange funeral services. A Hermosa Beach funeral home representative can help with making funeral arrangements or cremation services. They can assist you with low-cost funeral planning and answer any questions that you have about traditional funeral services.

How Much is a Funeral

Affordable funeral service options are available through your local funeral service provider. You can plan a cheap funeral by asking your funeral provider about the packages that they offer. Funeral companies offer lower funeral pricing when you choose to bundle commonly used funeral services together.

The funeral cost for a Hermosa Beach funeral ranges in price depending on a few different factors including which services are chosen, the casket cost, and the length of time the services are scheduled for. Funeral expenses in California start at about $11,000.

Included in that estimate is the cost of the casket. Caskets can range in price based on how family they are and what material it is made from. Most caskets that you will see in the showroom at the funeral home will cost under $4,000, although there are more expensive options available.

Benefits of Choosing Local Funeral Service

There are many benefits of choosing a local funeral service near you. A funeral company that is locally owned and operated is able to give more personalized services to their clients. They also positively impact the community that they operate in.

It is possible for you to save money on a local Hermosa Beach funeral because you will not incur additional transportation charges. Funeral companies usually have a set range of how many miles they will travel. When you stay local you should not have to worry about higher transportation fees.

Traditional Hermosa Beach Funerals

Traditional funerals in Hermosa Beach are comprised of three parts. Each of these parts is performed to offer significant, yet different, ways to memorialize your loved one.

The first part of a Hermosa Beach funeral is the viewing service. A viewing service is set up after the body of the deceased has been embalmed and arranged in the casket. This service usually takes place in the funeral home in Hermosa Beach; however, some people choose to hold an at-home funeral. The funeral service provider can help make arrangements if an at-home funeral is requested.

The viewing time is scheduled for at least one day before the funeral, but most people choose to hold a viewing service for several days. This allows family and friends to visit with the immediate family members of the deceased.

The second part of traditional funerals is the funeral ceremony. This ceremony takes place following the viewing services. A speaker or member of the clergy may speak to those people who have gathered to pay their respects to the deceased. This service can take place at the funeral home in Hermosa Beach, local church, or private residence if an at-home funeral was chosen.

During the ceremony, the speaker will usually talk about the life of the deceased, things they liked, their accomplishments, and what they will be most remembered for. Music may be played, prayers may be said, and scripture verses may be read. Following the funeral ceremony, there will be a funeral procession to the cemetery for the burial service.

The third part of the traditional funeral is the Hermosa Beach burial service. People will leave the funeral home in Hermosa Beach and go to the cemetery for services. At the cemetery, the speaker who spoke at the funeral ceremony will usually do another shorter service.

Burial services, also known as commitment services, are short services at the graveside. There may be more praying and reading from the Bible. Following the service, the casket will be lowered for the final disposition of the body of the deceased.

Limited Funeral Services in Hermosa Beach

Full traditional service may be too much for some families. The funeral service provider can help you to plan limited funeral services in Hermosa Beach if requested. Limited services usually take place all on the same day.

Another way to have limited funeral services is to omit any part of the traditional funeral services that you do not wish to have. For example, you can choose to have a simple graveside service instead of all three parts of the traditional funeral. Simply work with the funeral home in Hermosa Beach to plan the minimalistic services that you want to have.

Why Pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Hermosa Beach

For funerals in Hermosa Beach you should pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary. They are locally owned and operated. They have served Hermosa Beach and the surrounding area for over eight decades.

Their highly trained staff can provide you with a compassionate consultation. In addition to funeral services, they can also help you with pre-planning your funeral or cremation services. Contact Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for all of your funeral service needs.