Funeral Service in Hollyglen

Hollyglen Funeral Service

Affordable funeral service is available through a local funeral service provider near Hollyglen. The funeral service provider can help you with making funeral arrangements, cremation services, and pre-planning your funeral.

Make sure that the funeral provider knows which services you need when you are planning at the funeral home in Hollyglen. The funeral company will walk you through what standard funeral service entails, how much funeral expenses are, and what you can expect to pay for the casket cost.

Standard Hollyglen Funerals Services

Standard Hollyglen funeral services are made of of three main services. Each of these services can be arranged to meet your unique needs. Funeral services start with a viewing period at the Hollyglen funeral home. During this time visitors can pay their respects and visit with the immediate family of the deceased.

When the predetermined time for viewing service ends, the funeral ceremony will begin. At the funeral ceremony a speaker will talk about the life of the deceased, the things they loved, and maybe a heartfelt story, too. The family can choose to have music playing, prayers to be said, or reading of Bible verses to be done. Sometimes the speaker will be a member of the clergy. Funeral ceremonies can take place at the Hollyglen funeral home, a private residence, or local church.

Following the funeral ceremony, the funeral director will make final arrangements and prepare the casket for transportation to the cemetery for final disposition. A funeral procession may follow the vehicle containing the deceased to the cemetery for the Hollyglen burial service. At the cemetery there may be another ceremony, a shorter graveside service. This concludes the standard funeral services.

Limited Service Hollyglen Funerals

Not all people choose to hold a standard funeral service so funeral companies offer limited services when requested. Limited services can include all three parts of the traditional funeral services, but they can be arranged to take place all in one day.

Other ways to have limited funeral services is to remove one or more parts of the standard funeral services. For example, not everyone chooses to hold a viewing service. It may not be needed or a shorter more simple viewing may be arranged if the family does not expect a big turnout of visitors. Another way to have limited funeral services is to skip both the viewing service and funeral ceremony. This means that only the burial service and potentially a graveside service would be performed. Speak with the funeral home representative about limited services if your budget is tight, too.

How Much is a Funeral in Hollyglen

Hollyglen funeral cost depends on a few different factors. One of the biggest things that will impact funeral pricing are the various services that are chosen by the person in charge of arranging funeral services. For example, there is the visitation period at the funeral home, funeral ceremony, burial service, and the casket cost to consider.

If a low-cost funeral is needed make sure that you choose a local funeral service near you. When you choose a funeral company that is local you can save on transportation costs and added milage fees.

Additionally, funeral companies in Hollyglen will offer cheap funeral packages by bundeling services. A representative at the funeral home in Hollyglen can help you select a package that meets your funeral needs. You can expect to pay between $11,000 and $15,000 for a funeral in Hollyglen.

Casket Cost in Hollyglen

One of the factors that will determine how much the total is for a Hollyglen funeral is how much the casket costs. There are low-level, mid-level, and high-level casket options available. On the low end you can expect to pay around $1,000. For a mid-level casket you will pay anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. A high-level casket can cost over $50,000.

The cost of the casket that you select will depend on the material that it is made of. Low-level caskets are made from particleboard or other less expensive materials like low gague steel. Mid-level caskets are made from wood or high gauge stainless steel. High-level caskets are made from more expensive materials like copper and bronze.

You can work with the funeral home in Hollyglen to find a casket that fits in your budget. Oftentimes there will be a showroom so that you can see the various caskets to compare them.

Why Select Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Hollyglen

For local funeral service in Hollyglen, you should select Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary. They have served the Hollyglen community for over eighty years. They provide funeral ceremonies, burial services, cremation services, and pre-planning services.

A highly trained and compassionate staff member of Douglass & Dunaway mortuary can help you plan a memorable and respectful Hollyglen funeral. Contact them directly when you need a funeral consultation.