Funeral Service in Inglewood

Inglewood Funeral Service

Following the death of a loved one, you should work with a funeral home in Inglewood to help you arrange funeral services. A funeral provider will be able to offer funeral services or are thinking about pre-planning your funeral. They will also be able to help arrange cremation services if that is preferred. A funeral service provider near Inglewood is your best bet to plan a low-cost funeral.

In Inglewood, How Much is a Funeral

Funeral expenses are increasing so many people wonder how much a funeral costs. The average California funeral cost ranges from $11,000 to $15,000. Funeral pricing ranges based on the exact funeral services needed, the casket cost, and other variables.

In addition to the services that you choose, the funeral cost will vary based on the merchandise that you purchase for the funeral services. For example, you will need a casket. A casket cost can be priced from $1,000 to $4,000, or more. The casket price is dependent on what materials are used to construct the casket. Other items that you may need are printed funeral merchandise, extra transportation, or multiple copies of the certificate of death.

You will also pay for fees required by the state for burial service permits. Speakers, musicians, and instrumentalists will also have their own rates that they charge.

If at all possible, you should look into pre-planning your funeral long before it is needed. An Inglewood funeral cost can be lowered if you prepay for the cost of services at the time of pre-planning. In addition to a lower cost, you will benefit from pre-planning your funeral because your family will know what your final wishes are. This allows them to follow your directive and not have to make any decisions about how you would have liked for your final services to go.

If pre-planning your funeral is not an option then the funeral home in Inglewood can help you plan a cheap funeral for at-time services. Funeral companies offer funeral packages that include necessary local funeral services and burial services for traditional funeral services. Packages are put together by funeral service providers at discounted rates because they combine the most commonly used services.

Traditional Funeral in Inglewood

The best place to start making funeral arrangements is the Inglewood funeral home. The Inglewood funeral company can help you plan a local funeral service near you. Affordable funeral services can also be planned with a local funeral provider, too.

There are three main service parts that make up an Inglewood funeral. The first service that takes place for a traditional Inglewood funeral is a viewing service. For the viewing service to take place the body of the deceased will be prepared and arranged in the casket by the mortuary staff. Viewing services happen at the funeral home, but can also be arranged at a private residence.

Following the viewing services, a funeral ceremony will take place. A funeral ceremony is not the same thing as a memorial service. A funeral ceremony has the body of the deceased present in either an open or closed casket. A memorial service does not have the body present during services. At the funeral ceremony, there is usually a speaker. The speaker may be a member of the clergy. If requested, the speaker may talk about the life of the deceased, read from the Bible, pray, or have music played.

After the funeral ceremony, the visitors will proceed to the cemetery for burial services. A short graveside service will be done before the casket is laid in the final resting place.

All of these services are not requested by everyone. Some families choose to have a limited service funeral. The Inglewood funeral home will offer packages with limited funeral services for people who choose not to have a traditional funeral. They can also provide a complete list of services and merchandise that they have available.

Extra Funeral Services & Merchandise

Additional services that you may want to be included or added at a later date are anniversary services, remembrance services, or celebration of life services. The local funeral home near you can help with the arrangements. They can also provide merchandise for purchase including:

  • Printed materials
  • Keepsake items
  • Memorialization items

The Inglewood funeral home can help you order printed materials in time for the funeral ceremony. There are some memorialization and keepsake items that may not be ready until after the funeral services.

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