Funeral Service in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Funeral Service

A funeral home in Marina Del Rey can help you arrange funeral services following the death of a loved one. The funeral provider can also help if you are pre-planning your funeral or want to inquire about cremation services. The best thing that you can do to plan a low-cost funeral is to work with a provider that has a funeral service near Marina Del Rey.

How Much is a Funeral

It is no secret that funeral expenses are on the rise. The average funeral cost is between $11,000 and $15,000 depending on what funeral services are needed. The funeral pricing may include the casket cost, funeral ceremony, and Marina Del Rey burial services.

The funeral cost will fluctuate depending on which services and merchandise you choose to have. For example, a casket can cost about $4,000. There are casket options that are priced lower and there are casket options that are priced higher.

Other factors that include the total cost of a funeral include paying a speaker for the funeral ceremony, hiring instrumentalists, and transportation costs. There will also be fees associated with getting a burial permit and the medical certificate of death.

When possible, you should think about pre-planning your funeral. A Marina Del Rey funeral can be prepaid for which would lower the total cost of services. Another benefit to pre-planning your funeral is that your family will know what your final wishes are. They will not have to make any decisions about your final disposition after your passing.

If you need to plan a cheap funeral then you need to work with the funeral home in Marina Del Rey. Many funeral companies have funeral packages that include local funeral services and burial services. Funeral service providers put packages together with services that are commonly used at discounted prices.

Traditional Funeral in Marina Del Rey

If you are making funeral arrangements the best place to start is the Marina Del Rey funeral home. The funeral company can help you plan a local funeral service near you. They can also help you plan an affordable funeral service.

Marina Del Rey funerals usually consist of three main parts. The first thing that will take place for a traditional Marina Del Rey funeral is the viewing service. The body of the deceased will be prepared by the mortuary and arranged in the casket. Viewing services are usually done at the funeral home in the chapel.

After viewing services are over there will be a funeral ceremony. A funeral ceremony is different from a memorial service because the body of the deceased is present at a funeral ceremony. The ceremony usually includes a speaker, maybe a member of the clergy, to speak about the life of the deceased. Music playing, reading from the Bible and saying prayers usually take place during this time, too.

Following the funeral ceremony, there will be a funeral procession. The funeral procession is where the visitors follow each other to the cemetery for burial service. A short burial service with prayer and scripture reading will be done prior to the final disposition of the deceased.

Not all families choose to have a traditional funeral. Some may want shorter, more limited services, while others may choose to add additional services. The Marina Del Rey funeral home will have a list of all of the services that they provide along with their current pricing. They will also be able to help you if you need to purchase merchandise or paper products for the funeral services.

Extra Funeral Services & Merchandise

Extra funeral services that you may want to add are remembrance services, anniversary services, or celebration of life services. These can be arranged through the local funeral home near you.

Oftentimes families choose to purchase merchandise to use with the funeral services. Examples of merchandise include:

  • Guest book
  • Prayer or memory cards
  • Funeral ceremony pamphlet
  • Funeral thank you cards
  • Keepsake jewelry
  • Memorialization plaques

The representative at the Marina Del Rey funeral home can help you arrange for these products to be ordered and printed in time for the funeral ceremony. They can also help if you need to purchase a casket, a burial plot, or a headstone.

You Should Choose Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Marina Del Rey

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary has served the community of Marina Del Rey for over eighty years. They honor timeless funeral traditions and provide their clients with compassionate service. Their staff is highly trained in providing dignified services for your loved one.

Contact a Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for a funeral service consultation when you need funeral services. They will work with you to plan memorable funeral services with ease. They can also offer guidance if want to pre-plan your funeral arrangements in Marina Del Rey.