Funeral Service in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Funeral Service

The best place to go for local funeral services and planning a funeral is a Redondo Beach funeral home. A representative from the local funeral company can give you details about funeral expenses and casket costs. They can also tell you about what’s included in a traditional funeral ceremony and suggest add on services and products, too.

How Much is a Funeral near Redondo Beach

Affordable funeral service options are available for Redondo Beach funerals. You can get help understanding what a funeral costs by speaking with a local funeral service provider. They will also be able to assist you if you need to plan a low-cost funeral.

Work with the funeral home in Redondo to see which services you must have and which services you do not need in order to plan a cheap funeral. Most funeral companies offer packages that have discounted rates for choosing more than one commonly chosen funeral service.

You can expect the funeral cost to be anywhere from $11,000 to $15,000 for a mid-level funeral at a Redondo Beach funeral home. This estimate varies based on which services are chosen and how much the chosen casket costs.

How Much Does a Casket Cost

You can expect a casket to cost between $1,000 to $4,000. There are however more expensive caskets that are made from specialty materials.

Low-level caskets are made from particleboard. These caskets will be one of the cheapest options. The average casket is made from wood or high gauge stainless steel. Specialty caskets that are very expensive are made from designer wood cuts, bronze, or copper. These high-level caskets can go up in price to be well over $50,000.

What is a Traditional Funeral Service

The funeral home in Redondo beach will suggest traditional funeral services if you are making funeral arrangements for a loved one. The traditional funeral service is made of up of three separate services. The first service is a viewing service. After that is the funeral ceremony. The final service is the burial service.

At the viewing service, family and friends will gather to pay their respects to the deceased for a short time prior to the funeral ceremony. At the funeral ceremony, someone will talk about the life of the deceased. They may say prayers, play music, and read bible passages, too.

When the funeral ceremony concludes the people gathered will proceed to the cemetery for burial services. A short graveside service will take place prior to the final burial.

Traditional services are offered in packages by most funeral companies. There are also packages that offer limited funeral services. For instance, you may choose to only have graveside and burial services instead of a complete traditional funeral.

The funeral company can provide more than just Redondo Beach funeral services. They can also provide cremation services, pre-planning services, add-on services, and funeral merchandise.

Are There Additional Funeral Services

The funeral home in Redondo Beach can help arrange many other services in addition to funeral services. For example, you may want help pre-planning your funeral, planning remembrance services, planning anniversary services, or holding a celebration of life ceremony.

The Redondo Beach funeral service provider can assist you with finding a member of the clergy if you want a religious funeral ceremony. They can also help you with finding instrumentalists or musicians if you want to have music available before, during, or after the funeral services.

You will also need to arrange for the transportation of the casket during the funeral procession that carries the casket from the funeral home to the cemetery. Most funeral companies will have some sort of transportation included in their traditional package, but some families need extra transportation services. For example, a family may choose to have a flower car. A flower car transports the flowers that were sent from the funeral home to the local cemetery.

If any of these additional services interest you, then you should contact the company that provides your local funeral services near Redondo Beach.

Available Funeral Merchandise

The Redondo Beach funeral home is also able to help you arrange the purchase of funeral merchandise. The following printed materials are nice to have on hand during the viewing and funeral services:

  • Prayer cards
  • Memory cards
  • A guest book
  • Funeral programs
  • Funeral thank you cards

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