Funeral Service in Willowbrook

Willowbrook Funeral Service

You should contact a local funeral service near Willowbrook if you need to arrange funeral services after the loss of a loved one. When you work with a Willowbrook funeral home representative you can get help with making funeral arrangements or arranging cremation services. They will review low-cost funeral options and tell you what a traditional funeral service entails.

How Much is a Funeral Service in Willowbrook

Affordable funeral services can be arranged when you work with a local funeral service provider. That service provider can tell you about the cheap funeral options as well as the number of other funeral service packages that they offer. Funeral companies offer pacakgest that included discounted funeral pricing. By bundeling services together instead of selecting individual services then you are able to save on the funeral cost. In addition to saving money, you will have an easier time planning funeral services when you choose a package.

You can expect for a Willowbrook to vary in price. The total funeral cost is calculated based on which services are selected, how long each service is requested, how much the casket cost is, as well as paperwork and permit fees. Most California funeral expenses start at $11,000 and go up from there.

The funeral expense estimate that the funeral provider gives you should also include the casket cost. A casket will also vary in price depending on which casket you choose. The casket material will make the biggest difference in the casket’s price tag. A funeral home in Willowbrook should be able to help you find a quality casket for under $4,000.

Benefits of a Local Funeral Service

There are several benefits to choosing a local funeral service near you. Local funeral companies are able to give more personalized services at lower rates. Funeral homes that are locally run and operated also support the community that they do business in by supporting charities and creating jobs.

A Willowbrook funeral at the local funeral home will also reduce transportation fees because you will be within the funeral company’s service area. A representative will also be available to help you answer any questions in person, too.

3 Parts of a Traditional Willowbrook Funerals

Traditional funerals in Willowbrook have three different parts. Each part is unique and used to honor the life of the deceased. First is the viewing service. Then the funeral ceremony. Finally, the burial services.

The viewing service can take place at the funeral home in Willowbrook. Some families request that the viewing happen at a local church. A private residence viewing may also be set up if an at-home funeral is requested. The funeral director will arrange the body for viewing services.

Viewing services take place for either days or hours prior to the funeral services. Many people choose to have them over a few days so that people needing to travel from out of state can make it for the funeral ceremony.

The funeral ceremony follows the viewing service and can take place at the funeral home in Willowbrook, local church, or private residence. At the ceremony a speaker will talk about the life of the deceased or a clergy member may give a sermon. There may also be praying, music, reading bible verses, and sharing of fond memories.

When the funeral ceremony is over, the Willowbrook burial service will take place at the cemetery. The people who attended the funeral ceremony have the option to join for a small graveside service or a committal service.

At this time, the speaker or clergy member will commit the deceased to the final resting place. More praying and reading Bible passages may be done again. The casket will be lowered into the grave for final burial services.

Limited Funeral Services in Willowbrook

There are families who choose not to hold traditional funeral services for a variety of reasons. Limited funeral services in Willowbrook can be arranged through the funeral service provider. The limited funeral services can have shortened funeral services that take place on the same day.

Additionally, families may choose to leave some of the traditional services out of their funeral plan. For example, the viewing may not be needed. In that case, a simple graveside ceremony could take place before the burial services. The representative at the funeral home in Willowbrook can help you arrange a minimal funeral service if requested.

Why Pick Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for Funerals in Willowbrook

Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary is the best company to pick for funeral services in Willowbrook. They have served the community for over eighty years. In addition to their extensive experience, they are locally owned and operated.

For any funeral service needs that you have, contact Douglass & Dunaway Mortuary for quality services at affordable prices. They can also arrange cremation services or help with pre-planning your funeral. Their highly trained staff compassionate and caring. They can help you plan traditional or minimal funerals in Willowbrook with ease.